Dreams of the Scarlet Swordswoman #6

A scarlet girl traveled plains thick with snow. The snowflakes stung her eyes, obscuring vision, their petals frigid to the touch. Continuous they fell, freezing her body and slowing her progress. Her objective: an old Grasnout resting by a leafless tree uprooted and savaged by the elements. Her feet sprang into a sprint, but the snow dampened her approach. Her distance from the bear grew, her effort wasted. She collapsed into the snow, succumbing to the cold at last. A soft matt of fur brushed her body. She looked up. The beast had come to her, licking her face amiably. The redhead stood, grasping the warm, rugged fur of the tusked bear. Warmth returned to her face.

The wintery plains changed to summer. The white transitioned to a lush green, and an azure blue replaced the overcast sky. The chirping of birds filled her ears from the overturned tree, its branches gnarled like spheres, each globe containing untold blossoms. The sharp chirps of the birds were delightful, peaceful even. She smiled as the small creatures landed on the ground, regarding her with a ruffling of feathers.

“We come to you, child of the universe, in the name of the One.”

The birds flapped their wings, dazzling the girl in a bright flash of light. Three tall humanoids stood before her. They were dragon-like in appearance, covered head to foot in soft plumes of blue and violet. Lengthily hair wrapped around their bodies like a toga. Red eyes settled on the girl, yet they were gentle and full of wisdom. Long brows of yellow rolled off their heads like fountains of gold. Their mouths shaped like elongated beaks and long tails of swirling colors swiped about. They were double her height and half again as wide. An intense glow enveloped their bodies, too painful and bright to stare at for long, yet with a sensation of inexpressible euphoria. The girl found herself tearing out of sheer joy at this beautiful experience.

The bear next to the girl grunted, bowing its head. The blue dragon-like serpents raised both hands up and bowed in greeting, pressing the talons adjacent. The redhead moved forward. She attempted the same gesture but found her hands unable to comply.

“Do not fear, child of the One,” they said in unison, like a musical ensemble. “We are the Faber. We are the guardians of your ancient world. We are those who initially seeded your planet with intelligent design–the dragons of the cosmos, the symbol of transmutation. It is through Dragonites and you that a fragment of our blood flows the strongest.

“Patience, love, gratitude, humility, wisdom–these things you must realize. The way forward is not as you think. You must confront your inner demon first: the ego. In this, there comes true strength, genuine courage, and the path to ascension.” Together, they gestured a talon behind the girl. A massive shadow in the shape of a hideous serpent emerged but faded away moments later. The girl cringed.

“Dawnstar is not the enemy. You must help this individual, not destroy him. Destruction only begets destruction, for this is the way of the universe–Etherea, who rules over all Aspects and Creation.”

They paused again, this time for a shorter interval. Smiles curled on their beaks, and their serpentine eyes glowed with a gentle light. Blue scales glinted under their feathers like mystical waterfalls. “Find it within yourself the tool to reforge creation. One among you already knows of this. Seek her out and the other children who carry hope’s guidance. Gather the sacred artifacts and those of the old lineages to heal the Ethereal Seals Gate. Your destiny takes you to the Southern Wastes and against the Syre. Good luck, brave hero.”

The dragons lifted their hands and sang loud hymns in some obscure language, vanishing in a pillar of light. The girl shielded her wincing pupils.

She turned to the resting bear, bent low, and hugged him. He licked her face again, the scar on his eye evident. Then, everything turned to fractured glass. A loud boom rent the plains, starling the girl. She scanned about, but could not find the source. The glass shattered.

The Legacy of Atlas: A Short Poem

A short poem regarding the world of Ethereal Seals:

Atlas, mother of all, throughout the years watched us grow tall.

Long did Tiamat rule the land, her draconic legacy spreading like sand.

In the heavens a star shone, erupting chaos from Tiamat’s throne.

Ronald came to face the beast, but Tiamat gave the last laugh, not in the least.

Long have we witnessed the ravages of war; demons, giants, ogres, and more.

The greedy take, who leave neither peace nor wisdom in their wake.

We plenty have much to repair, lest calamity once more brings her care.

The Ethereal will see us through, or break us until we relearn what we knew.

Guide us, divine Aspects; show us the way, for only through ourselves will harmony stay.

Plenty would Ronald’s avatar wail, only to observe the strength of Tiamat’s renewed tail.

Still, she claws at the heart with her call; through humans, dragons, and bastards most of all.

Now darkness gathers around, priming for lost hope to be found.

Yet a hero may rise to meet the temptress, to foil curse, shadow, pride, but not while defenseless.

A divine blade will shine free, guiding the one towards destiny’s tree.

Guide us, divine Aspects; brightened the past, for only through peace will the future last.

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Dreams of the scarlet swordswoman #2

A girl of red lay in darkness. Her body floated in an ocean of black fog and stars. An icy cold burned on her flesh, and her mind screamed. The girl struggled to break from the frigid darkness but to no avail.

A glowing wolf approached her, its body muscular yet aged, golden fur tingled with grey. Licking its paws, the beast marked her cheek with its mitt. Letting out a low howl, the animal vanished in a trail of smoke. She cried out the wolf’s unsaid name, but he did not heed it.

Once more, she was alone and afraid. Her body froze with unknown terror, and tears fell from her cheeks, forming bright white stones out of her reach. Phantoms danced about, taunting her in the shapes of demons and dragons. She tried to scream, but fetters of darkness held her voice. An inferno of pain surged through her forehead and spine.

Amidst her struggle, she noticed a blond youth in white cloth–alone in the darkness as she–not more than a few yards away. The young man shivered violently as she did, unable to obtain the heat he sought. A newfound pain burst in the red girl’s heart. She cried out again, this time with all her strength. The fetters around her exploded to dust. She stood, and noticed a small girl next to her with long jade twintails, clothed in a pointy glimmering dress. Her earrings were the shape of swords, and her silver eyes equally as sharp. Her hands curved to sharp points, the flesh gleaming like metal.

“Master, please go to him,” the little girl pleaded, clasping her blade hands. She took a knee, gesturing to the blond youth.

The scarlet woman approached the trembling monk, brushing away the ocean of gloom. Her hand caressed his pale face. He smiled back at her and drew close. The warmth of his body melted the icy shell around her heart. She gasped with relief and dug her fingers into his robes, savoring his body. She paused as an ominous shadow formed behind him. The image of a draconic beast grabbed the startled monk, drawing him away from the girl. She cried in vain, watching the sizeable shadowy dragon devour him amidst his screams of agony.

Dreams of the scarlet swordswoman

     A swordswoman with red hair held a demonic blade in her hand–a monster, a work of evil. She buried it in the dirt, broke it, and threw it away. Still, the fiend would not leave. She ran from the weapon, hearing the spiteful laughter of the sword claw at her soul. Half her body bore sores and scars, the other half as fair and bright as sunlight. The blue folds of her armored skirt rattled as she moved, a reminder of the truth she fought to protect.

    Destroyed taverns and churches fell behind her, with misshapen demons and soldiers behind. Royal princes atop ogres taunted her, slicing through the air with tentacles for spears. She came to a cliff side and gazed into the blood-curdled sky. She cried out an unsaid name on parched lips and lifted her hands. Horrors closed around her–at their front a dark twin of the girl, shrouded in nightmare. The doppelganger carried an ancient blade likened to a dragon tooth, its length vibrating with power and tearing at space like a vacuum. The sinister double raised the weapon to strike. The smoldering sword stopped inches before, and the villain gave an angry growl, her shape twisting and deforming before the appearance of a newcomer.

    The girl saw her father cleave through the shadows with a gust of wind. He was a tall, handsome, and youthful man with a red ponytail like hers. He shone with the radiance of a thousand stars, his stance brave and stern. The man held the divine blade of storms in his muscular arms, and his toned body glowed with the sword’s jade embodiment of strength over his blue jacket. The nostalgic aroma of hay entered the girl’s nostrils and wet her tongue. Reaching out his hand, the girl hastily grabbed it, her fear forgotten, replaced by a smile of elation. He handed her the ancient armament. She held it high and howled triumphantly, banishing the darkness. The girl woke.