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I do commissions for character profiles and digital fictional maps. Leave your information below if you need to talk with me or have a specific job in mind. Check out the gigs below:

Are you an excellent writer or character designer but you can’t draw cartography to save your life? Then this is the gig for you! I provide custom geography for a particular fiction or project. Along with the base geography, you can expect landmarks, a legend, north arrow, and distance bar (unless asked to omit). The product also includes colors to differentiate the different land types better, but I can do grayscale maps if needed. There are limitless ways to design cartography. I am flexible and open to suggestions.
My background in professional cartography ensures the map demonstrates proper spatial balance and readability. I can go further with my knowledge of environmental systems and incorporate the trajectory of rivers and mountains. Whatever project you’re working on, you can be guaranteed reliable and robust cartography from this gig.

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