What I Do

As a student of writing and digital design, I love what I do. I am flexible in my approach to projects, whether for clients or for fun. I have an M.A. in Cartography and Digital Design and continuously improve my abilities day by day.

Here’s an idea of what I’ve created:

  • Detailed cartography
  • Book covers
  • Statistical reports
  • Copywriting articles
  • Webpage design
  • Diagrams mined from statistical data
  • Business cards
  • Short story fiction
  • Sketches of fictional characters

Here are examples of the work I’ve done:





Although I don’t claim to be an expert, every new project is a learning experience and expands my relationships with others. I’m honored to have you visiting my site, and I hope you enjoy my content.

If you feel inclined to reach out to me about a potential project, use the contact form below, and we can discuss it in detail.





Thanks for stopping by! 🙂