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Hello, my name is Ed White. I’m an aspiring writer and blogger developing my skills for an original series called Ethereal Seals. I sometimes use digital programs such as Photoshop and Gimp for designing the characters. I regularly strive to improve my writing skills and appreciate support or feedback from readers. Here’s what you can expect from this blog:

  • Writing tips
  • Short stories
  • Digital art
  • Rough manuscript tidbits
  • Reflective essays
  • Anything else I think of as I go along

Again, although I’m new to writing, I strive to improve and learn every day, so any comments are much appreciated. Thanks so much for reading!



This is what I have so far for my Ethereal Seals project:

Pepper Slyhart, a reviled half-human, half-dragon minority in the world of Atlas, believes she’s worth more than what her race suggests. Her dreary life shatters during a casual day with her friend and clergyman, Tarie Beyworth. Through the will of a hermit named Razaeroth, Pepper inherits her father’s old sword. Pepper learns of a clan of druid fanatics, bent on overthrowing Atlas’ decaying empire for the sake of civilization. She vows to stop the druids and save Atlas as a knight blessed by the gods.


I’m still working on the details, but I am satisfied with the general direction of the story.

I hope to publish this in the future (or at the least have fun with it). As of now, it consists of three parts, each representing a potential novel in the volume. The primary objective of Ethereal Seals is to open peoples’ minds to new possibilities and empower them. There are spiritual details included in the story, some which readers may adopt. I’ve drawn from many sources: books, video games, movies, and new age theories alike. Hopefully, this will tie everything together and act as a catalyst for humanity’s evolution.


They say everything’s already been written; maybe so, but not from my unique angle. I hope you enjoy what perspectives I share on this platform. Love and gratitude.


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