About Ethereal Seals

Hello, my name is Ryan, but you can call me Flux. Thanks a lot for checking out my page. I’m an aspiring writer and blogger developing my skills for an original series called Ethereal Seals. I sometimes use digital programs such as Photoshop and Gimp for designing the characters. I regularly strive to improve my writing skills and appreciate support or feedback from readers. Here’s what you can expect from this blog:

  • Writing tips
  • Short stories
  • Digital art
  • Rough manuscript tidbits
  • Reflective essays
  • Anything else I think of as I go along

Again, although I’m new to writing, I strive to improve and learn every day, so any comments are much appreciated. Thanks so much for reading!



This is what I have so far for my Ethereal Seals project:

As the cycles pass so too does the turning of the etheric cosmic clock. Many years have elapsed since a great and terrible war seized a planet called Atlas. Within this mythical land, trouble looms again within the Ethereal Seals Gate, an ancient relic designed to anchor the holy ether around the planet. 

Political and racial tensions abound in the sophisticated world of Atlas. Within this mythical land, trouble looms within the Ethereal Seals Gate, a relic that anchors the holy Ether and supports the crystal technology within society. Seven Seal Gems complement the Gate. Now a clan of druids ransacks the Gem shrines, seeking to please their shadow goddess and establish her new empire. The fate of the planet rests on the edge of steel; yet, the legacy of a cursed young farmer’s daughter unfolds—the half-dragon progeny of a war hero.

With naught but an old sword and the will of an elderly hermit, the girl must choose which destiny she hopes to save: the planet, or her own. The doomed girl gathers a company of old friends and odd mercenaries. Together, they struggle against the growing perils of Atlas, a reflection of their own inner turmoil. Facing foes of battle and romance alike, the girl discovers what it truly means to be a bastard knight of Atlas.


I’m still working on the kinks, but I am satisfied with the general direction of the story.

I hope to publish this in the future (or at the least have fun with it). As of now, it consists of three parts, each representing a potential novel in the volume. The primary objective of Ethereal Seals is to open peoples’ minds to new possibilities and empower them. There are spiritual details included in the story, some which readers may adopt. I’ve drawn from many sources: books, video games, movies, and new age theories alike. Hopefully, this will tie everything together and act as a catalyst for humanity’s evolution.


They say everything’s already been written; maybe so, but not from my unique angle. I hope you enjoy what perspectives I share on this platform. Love and gratitude.


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