About Ethereal Seals

Hello, my name Ryan, but you can call me Flux. Thanks a lot for checking out my page. I’m an amateur writer developing my skills for an original series called Ethereal Seals. I use digital programs such as Photoshop and Gimp for designing the characters. I regularly strive to improve my writing skills and appreciate support or feedback from readers. Here’s what you can expect from this blog:

  • Writing tips
  • Short stories
  • Digital art
  • Rough manuscript tidbits
  • Reflective essays
  • Anything else I think of as I go along

Although I’m new to writing, I strive to improve and learn every day, so any comments are much appreciated. Thanks so much for reading!



This is what I have so far for my Ethereal Seals project:

     As the cycles pass so too does the turning of the etheric cosmic clock. Many have lapsed since a great and terrible war seized a planet called Atlas. This conflict devastated Atlasian culture and changed its paradise into a virtual hell. Despite their defeat, the foreign barbarians retreated to the outer void of space, while Atlas’ civilization and climate remained in cinders. The Elemental Lords, leaders of the invaders, found their souls trapped inside a dimensional prison called the Ethereal Seals, fueled by the power of seven Seal Gems. As long as this barrier held, a secure future endured.

     In the modern era, political and racial tensions abound on Atlas. Heroes of old rise from their graves and ancient evils infect kingdoms. The fate of the planet rests on the edge of steel; yet, the legacy of a young farmer’s daughter unfolds, a progeny of one of the war heroes who secured victory against the evil Elemental hordes many cycles ago.

     The name of the youth is Pepper Slyhart. She is the ilk of a Dragonite mother and an Atlasian father, both having participated in the Elemental War. With much of Atlasian society still devastated by the conflict, her father read an ancient prophecy regarding a half-Dragonite savior, evoking a brilliant restoration of Atlas. He studied his daughter carefully, noticing the great potential in the bastard child and began training her early in swordplay. To ensure Pepper would succeed, he imposed rigorous training throughout her childhood. The mother worked routinely with Pepper on controlling her dragon blood. Although peaceful, Pepper’s life was busy and full of expectations from her parents. When she reached adulthood, her parents temporarily handed her rights to the family farm before vanishing mysteriously. Pepper remained to till the heirloom acres before reunited with her old friend, Tarie Beyworth. He was a youth Nymphian cleric at a local abbey. Deciding to visit a nearby town for the day, they discovered an ancient evil brewing underneath the facade of their society. Fearing for the future of her community and through the will of an old hermit, Pepper embarked on a journey to save her planet from inevitable destruction. Dwyrm, an ancient relic used during the Elemental War, selected her as its next heir-having chosen her father-sealing the scarlet maiden’s fate forever more.

Her campaign turned long and laborious, facing a plethora of antagonists from a maniacal druid named Dawnstar, to an arrogant Elemental named Zolt; both wished to reopen the Ethereal Seals gate in the name of Shadow, returning Atlas to ruin. Throughout her quest to protect Atlas, Pepper learned what it means to embody leadership, having it inadvertently shoved upon her. She joined a small, tight-knit group of individuals, all bent on stopping Atlas’ destruction. Tarie remained by her side, only to discover the two growing closer than friends do. The unbreakable laws of the abbey-punishable by exile-forbid a romantic relationship, thereby placing a wedge between the two lovers. Even so, through much sacrifice, the two accept one another, becoming shunned misfits among the growing darkness of their society. Now placed in a crisis with her few allies and abundant enemies, Pepper has little to gain and much to lose in her quest to change the destiny of her home planet.

Although I’m still working on the kinks, I’m satisfied with the general direction of the story.

I hope to publish this in the future (or at the least have fun with it). As of now, it consists of three parts, each representing a potential novel in the volume. The primary objective of Ethereal Seals is to open peoples’ minds to new possibilities and empower them. There are spiritual details included in the story, some which readers may adopt. I’ve drawn from many sources: books, video games, movies, and new age theories alike. Hopefully, this will tie everything together and act as a catalyst for humanity’s evolution.

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